Tasti Value Pack Chocolate Peanut – 420G ( AUSTRALIA )



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  • Made in Australia

We started out small, here in New Zealand… back In the days before you could even fly to Australia.

Our two Tasti entrepreneurs first started making crystallised ginger for enthusiastic local bakers. Soon it was cherries then they started hunting down the best nuts, and all sorts of Tastiness. So that was our beginning and here we are still in New Zealand, still NZ owned and still Just as passionate about quality ingredients.

These days we like to get a bit creative ourselves making Nut Bars chocka full of the good stuff – bursting with nutty protein and energy to keep you going on your favourite adventures.

There’s not much to add and we think that’s a good thing. Naturally delicious ingredients. Tasti!

A word On Our Special Peanuts:

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